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Pastor's Message

In the worship service, we hear a lot of messages. They come in the prayers, the sermon, the scripture, and they do not stop there.  For the messages continue to be reinforced throughout the aspects of worship. However, some messages are constant from week to week. One, in particular, is Holy Communion.  This message has been spoken at Scripture since the time of Christ and reminds us over and over again of our call to Discipleship along with the gift that is Jesus Christ every single day.  

Here at Grace Lutheran Church, all are welcome to hear and receive this message of God’s Grace.  To stand in his presence and receive the body and blood. We know that Jesus has fully given himself for you and for me.  However, this does not stop at his sacrifice. For we take that body and blood and make it part of us as we eat and drink of the bread and the wine.  For centuries, people have argued how this is possible. However, the words of Christ are still there. We hear of the ways that God is within the midst of all our life.

Even in this message of the bread and wine, God is with us in our daily eating.  Every single meal and food that nourishes us is a gift given to us by God. A constant and sure reminder that God is with us every single day.  Yet for some, they do not hear this message as they are hungry at times for there is not enough food to go around to them.

Even in this message of the bread and wine, God is with us in our final meal on Earth.  For many of us, we do not know the day or hour in which our final meal shall be. Yet within this meal, Jesus speaks clearly that he will be with us in all of our life and faith.  For when the final day shall come, we shall find ourselves at the meal that shall have no end.

Martin Luther had more to say on the meal. I would encourage you to look up the meaning of the Sacrament of Holy Communion in the Small Catechism.  For as we continue to hear this message over and over again, we come back to the realization that we truly need this solid foundation calling us back and welcoming us back to the love that God has given to us.  May you hear and feel that every single week that you are here in worship.

~ Pastor Nathan