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During this season of Fall, we feel like we do not have enough.  Enough time to get everything done. Enough money in the bank to see us through.  Enough of what God has given to us.  

However, it is also during this season of harvest and blessings that we are reminded of all the ways God continues to provide for us.  This is not always done in the ways that we plan that God would provide for us but by taking care of our needs in life. So it is in the midst of our busiest times that we need to ensure that we have even just five minutes to reflect and give thanks.  

Give thanks for: 

  • Health (each breath is a gift given by God)
  • Family and friends (our relationships are a gift given by God)
  • Work (a reason to do something within our day for money or purpose)
  • Faith (growing closer to God today and even more tomorrow)

I am sure that this is not the only thing that could come to mind but it would get you started on reflecting more on what you have rather than what is not in your life.  So I want you, in the midst of your busy schedule, to take some time to reflect. How at the end of the day or week, we are finally able to rest and be amazed at all that we have accomplished or done throughout our time.