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Follow Me. A very simple sentence and one that Jesus spoke to his disciples when calling them.  However, the answer that we never really hear is: where is Jesus leading the disciples. Jesus does not say, follow me to paradise, he does not say that he will lead them to the promised land, or that all their problems would be over by following him.  While calling the fishermen, Jesus tells them that they will learn to fish for people. However, the destination is not truly clear.

When we enter into our call to Discipleship, we have a little more guidance but I am not sure how much we focus on this.  In our Baptism, when we are called as disciples, a promise is made that we would:

     live among God’s faithful people, 

     partake in the Word of God and the holy supper, 

     learn the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments, 

     proclaim Christ through word and deed, 

     care for others and the world God made, 

     and work for justice and peace. 

For many of us, our parents may have made similar promises when we were baptized as an infant, however, the calling is clear for us to know what to do but it is up to us to figure out how we do it.  We have many choices of worshipping communities that we may attend, how often do we read Scripture or attend worship, how often do we learn and refer back to the lessons of God for our life, or even when we will join our voices with the oppressed, hungry, and those seeking God’s Love?   

These are all aspects that we are being called to figure out and be a part of within our community of faith and as a church but perhaps more importantly as individuals.  

When we are called Disciples, we enter into the same journey of the disciples within Scripture, we do not always know what will come next but we know that God is with us.  How we will get there will not always be clear. Yet I am reminded as well that we will not travel alone, we have people to help us along the way and people to lead us astray.  We will have people who will invite us to the holy supper and those who will tell us that we are not welcome. There shall be people who care for others and others who will tear each other down. This is why we study and learn God’s Word to know the heart and that Holy Spirit that leads us to know God is indeed calling us.  

This is why we as a church have ministries and opportunities for all people to be apart and grow.  To help one another fulfill these promises, find a way to be part of the Family of God, and to keep us all focused on the calling of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. 

Pastor Nathan Strong