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Lutheran Church in action in Liberia and Sierra Leone from our missionary, Bruce Moilan.

Greetings to all:
My words will have meaning to some of you, and others will just have to read what I have to say. Today the Bishop Elect for the Lutheran Church In Sierra Leone took me into the community to show me some work being done. The first place we went was to a seaside village that was hard hit by EBOLA and is still having issues. This is a Muslim community and they have not had a Christian Church on site. But when the EBOLA first struck, the Lutherans were one of the first to step in. There is lots of information on what the idea foundation did and funded. So as a result, the community has given land to the Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone and will allow a Christian Church to be built on site.

An idea is in the works, to have a MODEL COMMUNITY set-up. Which is in my opinion a great idea and concept. This is a sand mining community (hard work) that is very close knit. There is a whole story behind the photos that are coming individually in emails to you. The internet only allows one at a time. I look forward to telling the story when I return, and am also anxious to introduce it to the Muslim community in Dallas.

Blessings to All,
Bruce A. Moilan, Sr.