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Visitor & Worship FAQ
Sunday Worship is the heartbeat that feeds our life together as a Christian community. Here we learn about God's blessing and forgiveness extended to all people. We listen to the stories that have nurtured and shaped our faith. We share a meal that makes God present to us at a table wide enough for everyone to find a place. We are sent out into the world to love and serve our neighbors.

Our worship is traditional in the sense that it takes its shape and purpose from the traditions that Christians, and in particular Lutherans, have followed for centuries. At the same time, it is contemporary in the sense that our words, our songs and our prayers reflect the many cultures and concerns that surround us - both locally and globally.

Everyone is welcome in our worship, and invited to join in as they feel able and led. We know that some families prefer to worship together, and others would prefer to leave their youngest children in childcare. We make childcare nursery available during the 11am service and Sunday School, so that families can make the choice that works best for them each Sunday morning.

Common Questions:

When you visit Grace for worship, you can expect to be welcomed from the moment you step foot in the building. Here are some tips for making your first visit a great experience.

Visitor FAQs:

Q: What should I wear?

A: People come to Grace from all walks of life, and you can see it in the way they dress. God accepts you as you are, not as you're dressed.

Q: Are kids welcome? Is there a daycare during the service?

A: Children are certainly welcome at Grace. Child care is provided during the late service for those who want to use it. If your child needs to move around during the service, there is plenty of space to do that.

Q: Will I have to introduce myself?

A: Relax and be yourself - you won't be asked to stand and say your name. Since Grace is a growing suburban community, you can expect to be greeted warmly when you walk in the door. After every service there is an opportunity to meet others over coffee/hot chocolate and snacks.

Worship FAQs:

Q: What happens at a typical worship service?

A: Worship at Grace follows a pattern as we celebrate the story of God's love for all creation (including us!). Each week we take time to gather, we listen to God's Word, we share a small meal of bread and wine, and we are sent out for service in the world.

Q: How do I know what's going to happen during the service?

A: You'll be given a worship bulletin guide when you walk in. It will detail the different sections of the service.

Q: When do I stand or sit? Do I have to stand?

A: The worship leader will invite you to stand and sit throughout the service, as you are able.

Q: Will I have to sing in worship?

A: Grace has a strong tradition of singing hymns in worship. You are invited to join in singing when you feel comfortable.

Q: Do I have to put money in the offering plate?

A: You don't have to give anything. Offering is a chance to give from your abundance. It's a way to acknowledge the many gifts that God has given us. If you do share a gift, you can be sure it will be used for God's work in the neighborhood and shared with brothers and sisters in need across the nation and around the world.

Q: Do I have to be Lutheran to take communion?

A: At Grace, anyone who desires to encounter the real presence of God is welcome to come forward for communion. You don't have to be a member, you don't even have to be Lutheran.

Q: What do I do at communion?

A: First, the ushers will guide you when to come to the altar. Second, you will receive a piece of bread. Gluten free wafers are available on request. Third, you may use an individual plastic cup to receive wine or grape juice or if you prefer, drink wine from the common cup. When you have received food and drink, you may return to your seat.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: You can ask anyone at the service, or you may also send an e-mail to Pastor any time. Be sure to sign the guest book and leave your e-mail!