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About Grace

Martin Luther proclaimed the freedom of Christians trusting God’s mercy in Christ. As he wrote, “Faith is God’s work in us. It changes us and makes us to be born anew of God. This faith is a living, busy, active, mighty thing. It is impossible for it not to be doing good works incessantly. Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that believers would stake their lives on it a thousand times.”

Our Mission: As a community of faithful believers living in the Grace of God's love, we will seek to grow our community of faith by:
  • Providing inspirational worship, environment, support and invitation
  • Serving our community in Christian love and discipleship
  • Expanding our community's awareness of God's grace
  • Increasing our understanding of God's word through bible study
  • Extending hospitality and welcome to all

In our worship, God encounters us in Word and Sacrament; nourishes our faith; stimulates our spiritual growth; and strengthens us for ministry in our daily living.  We intentionally seek to provide specific opportunities for our faith to be put into action through our worship, youth, education, music, communications, property managementstewardshipdisciple life and family life ministries.  We seek to be a church, not only "in” our community, but also a church in outreach "to” our community.

All are welcome to worship, learn and serve in the Grace of God’s everlasting love.