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Grace Brothers

Brothers and Communication Team,
Thank you all for the work you did to make our first Meat and Greet happen today.  Because of you, we set the benchmark for future GB events.  We learned a ton, had a great time smoking, playing Corn Hole and catch, and just hanging out. 

Most of all, we saw some great teamwork to put this outreach event together.  Our neighbors saw GLC at its best and we were able to share food and fellowship with park visitors and local law enforcement!  

I was so glad to be part of this wonderful event and am looking forward to the next one!
-Scott McClenaghan

Grace Brothers is a fellowship and service group for men of Grace Lutheran Church. All men are welcome to join and participate. For more information or to have your email address added to our distribution list, send email to GraceBrothers@gracelutherantx.org .