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Adult Sunday School
Adult Sunday School Schedule

Adult Sunday School will be cancelled for this Sunday, March 15th. We hope to reschedule the guest speaker from Upring for a later date.

Grace has been involved in helping Upbring for several years with our “pillowcase” drives. Please come and find out more about Upbring – a part of Lutheran Social Services.

“At Upbring, we’re changemakers determined to create a world where all children are cherished. We understand that breaking the cycle of child abuse means more than removing children from harmful situations and providing clothing, food and shelter. Because when the cycle is broken, it means children get to live every moment of every day with every inch of their whole hearts. So you’ve got to help children heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Upbring does this.

We’ve been helping children thrive for more than 135 years, and we’re not stopping. We have an opportunity to shape not only the way we deliver our programs and services, but shape the way Texas treats children. We have Faith in Every Future.” https://www.upbring.org