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Sharing Groups
Sharing God’s Grace in Sharing Groups

Do you know the people who sit on the other side of the congregation? How about the people who sit in your spot during the other worship service? Or how about the couple that have been coming to church but you simply have not shared the peace with them or introduced yourself. One of the difficult aspects of having everyone sitting facing the altar during church is that people are not able to really have a time of getting to know the people around them.

“Sharing Groups” are a time in which people are able to get together and spend time as a small group of people to actually get to know the people who are in the church, or find out what has changed in people’s lives, or do something together that you have wanted to do but needed a group to do it. This can be an opportunity for you to grow in this community by getting to know the people on the other side of the congregation, the people who sit in your spot during the other worship service or even the new family in church.

Each and everyone of us has a story and experience in life with God that we can share. However, we often need to make the time to have that story be shared. Sometimes those stories move us to action and we want to help others who would face similar challenges. Sometimes, our sharing of a story can help others know that they are not alone on this journey of life and faith.

Please consider joining one of our Sharing Groups: