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Comfort Callers
The Disciple Life Committee supports and helps organize the Grace Comfort Callers. The committee will also contact the volunteers and organize 1 or 2 meetings to start the program. Pastor provided each Comfort Caller a booklet to help with visits. 

Here are a few suggestions/ideas on how you can help a homebound member:
  • Send a card to your homebound member for each holiday and on their birthday.
  • Drop off or mail the church bulleting for them to read each week.
  • Ask them if they would like to a prayer Warrior (Prayer Chain)
  • Take the "Portals of Prayer" booklets to them each quarter
  • Eat lunch/dessert with them by taking pizzas, sub sandwiches, fried chicken, ice cream, cookies, or whatever they like!
  • Call them every other week to check if they need anything or if you can visit
  • Youth could visit each houmebound member during The Grace Comfort Callers organize this event. Take homemade cards, cookies, balloons or make crafts together.

If you have further questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Jeanne Witte or send email to comfortcallers@gracelutherantx.org.