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Small Groups
In the small groups, we hope the people come and join in conversation of the different parts of Grace. If we are talking about the past, share what you can contribute, whether you have been here from the beginning or you have been here for a service. This a great way to learn and understand what God has called us to do and be a part of in the past. Along with this, it is our hope that people will begin to have more conversations about God in their life together. Only by being in conversation with one another shall we be able to support, care, and share God’s love with one another. Please find some time to join us one of the times that we shall have available for this to meet. See the calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times.

In our small group and large group times, we shall truly be focused on the questions:
  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • What has defined us?
  • How has God called us in the past?
  • Why were we established?
May God bless us on this journey and may our focus always be on what God is up to for us, through us, and for God’s Will in the world.