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Rough Riders Baseball Outing
Join us for the Grace Lutheran “Night at the Ballpark” on Saturday, June 29th @7pm. 
Our choir will sing during the 7th inning stretch. 
Group Rate Tickets for $22.50 each (add-ons OK since minimum has been met)
Parking Passes are an additional $5 per vehicle (half-price of general parking).
Reserve your tickets at: https://tinyurl.com/GLC-RR-Tickets-29-JUN-19

Tickets include:
  • Best available seats
  • Premium mael basket
  • All-inclusive snacks
  • All-inclusive Dr. Peper products
  • Firewarks after the game

For any questions, please contact Maria Lorentzen
Make your check payable to Grace Lutheran Church and with "RR Tickets" on the memo line.