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Fair Trade Tasting
WELCA will again sell the delicious coffee, chocolate, cocoa and tea items from the Fair Trade America Program. As you know, by purchasing these items you are helping small-scale farmers create sustainable livelihoods. A small percentage of the purchase price also supports Lutheran World Relief’s continuing work with communities affected by poverty around the world. We will have a sale table set up in the NarthexItems will be available on a first come first SAVE THE DATE service basis.

Coffee! Tea! Hot Chocolate! Chocolate Bars! Place your order with WELCA. For more information, please contact Susan Tjosvold or send email to WELCA@GraceLutheranTX.org.
The quotes below are from Thrivent Magazine, December 2016: 
“Fair Trade means paying producers from developing countries a fair price for their goods. In doing so those producers can improve their living conditions and become better educated.” 
 “Before Equal Exchange got involved, people would come in and give the coffee farmers… next to nothing for their coffee, and they had to take it. Equal Exchange pays a fair, stable price and maintains a long-term partnership with communities to help them earn an honest living and produce good coffee.” 
“For every pound of fair trade food products sold through LWR Fair Trade, Equal Exchange donates 20 cents to LWR Small Farmer Fund, which support small farmers worldwide.” 
Fair Trade Facts: 
6.95 million pound = amount of fair trade coffee imported by Equal Exchange in 2014 
$8 billion = worldwide sales in 2015 of products certified by Fairtrade International 
Some video links: Chocolate!   Coffee!