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Gods Works, Our Hands
                                                         God’s Work, Our Hands

On Sunday, September 9th, Grace participated in the ELCA church wide God’s Work Our Hands program. We had multiple projects to complete and work on for the day. We want to thank everyone who donated items or worked on the projects. Our efforts would not be successful without you all!

We completed several different projects and thanks to our project leaders on their work getting the projects ready:
   • 48 school supply kits for Lutheran World Relief (Bev Wells)
   • 4 laundry baskets full of household items for Mosaic (Kathy Doyle)
   • 80 assorted wheelchair/walker bags with other items for VA hospital, Brookhaven and Mosaic (Denise Nelson)
   • 50 plus charity bears and hero capes for Upbring and Children’s Hospital (Susan Tjosvold)
   • 22 volunteers helped a Carrollton neighbor with yard work (Chris Wagner and Daniel Haas)
   • 41 cards for veterans and Mosaic (Kathy Criado)

Thanks to Janet Johnson and Krista Wagner for making lunches for our outdoor crew and Eric Nietubicz for serving as our photographer. Thanks to the rest of the disciple life committee for their work – Pam Streder, JoAn Stanley, Jenny Schero, Jennifer Green and Kerri Tamberelli.

Thanks again to all that participated and made this program a success this year. We wish to leave you with a quote from Martin Luther – God does not need your good works but your neighbor does!

For more information or to volunteer, please send email to GodsWOrkOurHands@gracelutherantx.org.