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Throughout the season of Lent, we go through an experience that helps us to reflect upon our life.  For many of us, feeling good and being happy is often what we hear as important from our society. However, there are moments in our life that things do not go according to our plans.  There are moments in which we feel blindsided due to our inability to see everything that could possibly happen to us or our loved ones. When we feel this way, we find ourselves in the moments and journeys that are spoken in Lent.  Lent is all about our wrestling with our own humanity and the realization that we are in need of God within our life.  

Lent is a rather somber time within the church year.  There is not a lot of joy or happiness. There is not a lot to celebrate.  However, it is or can be a rich filled journey for us to understand and to explore.  Lent happens to remind us of the dark journey that life can sometimes take us through, but even in the midst of that journey, we should not lose hope.  For God is with us, knowing our struggles and our needs. We hear of the promise is that is given that truly unites us as God’s People.  

We all have a message to share with others.  We sometimes feel that it is not worthy to share, but it is important to help others grow in their faith to know that they are not alone.  They can realize that they are not the only ones who have experiences of tragic proportions in life. Through this Lenten time, we have meals to engage in conversations with one another and grow closer together as a community.  Not only do we dine together and share in each other’s stories, we then enter into worship to hear and know that God is in the midst of our lives and our stories. 

In our Lenten services, we are using the evening prayer service of “Stay With Us, Lord”.  An evening prayer service will allow us to reflect, pray and sing as a community. I pray that this Lenten season will be filled with hearing God’s Word and God’s calling for you in this world.