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It has only been a few days since Easter and the disciples were wondering what it is they are supposed to do now that Jesus was gone.  The disciples met in a room because it was who they trusted. They knew too that they should go out into the world. They had a message to share, but as they looked into the world they had a great fear of what the world would do against them.  That they would be destroyed.

The fear that the disciples held kept them in that room, but it wasn’t until Jesus came back into their midst to let them know that the fear they had should not hold them back.  We are ones who talk about the importance of Easter. We even call ourselves an Easter People. For the message of Easter is one that is counter to this world, a message that does not make sense in ideas and concepts of this society.  However, when the people of the world heard the message of the disciples, the people did something that the disciples did not expect. The people heard and believed the message that the disciples bore into the world.

The people of this world needed to hear the Easter message, not because it made sense but it was a truth that they were longing for and fulfilled.  This is the Easter message that makes us an Easter People. As we are living out this truth, we are following that example of the disciples: going out into the world, helping those in need, sharing the love that Jesus has for us all.

We have been filling out surveys and working together as a people to help us understand how to help one another and provide opportunities to grow as God’s People in this community.  During Lent, we made sure people had the focus of the journey of what God was calling us to be a part of. Now that we are looking forward to the spring and all the ministries are wrapping up, we will soon be sharing what our next steps are and inviting you to use your gifts and talents that God has given to you for the sharing of the Gospel together.  

Happy Easter, now go and share the Good News!

Pastor Nathan Strong