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Pastor's Message

The day before Ash Wednesday, in some places, it is known as Shrove Tuesday.  The day in which people celebrate and feast before giving up something on the journey of Lent.  For many, they will give up something for the journey of Lent to be reminded of the suffering that Jesus endured in the wilderness and facing temptation from the Devil.  

Many of us face this temptation on a daily basis.  We do not recognize the temptations that surround us.  We are unaware of the results of our choices until much later. So as people give up something in their life, it can be easy for us to go through the normal habits of indulging in that thing that we have given up but we have to make a conscious effort to stay the course and know that the end that we are striving for is so much greater than the moment of happiness that something may bring us.  So we have to be aware of the change and constant be reminding yourself of that goal.

I realize that the sun will come up tomorrow, our day is not truly changed unless we make it and we remind ourselves of the importance of our faith in God.  We do this on a daily basis. So we need to make reminders. One such reminder is something that is physical and something that we can not avoid to take notice of.  It is for this reason that when you come for worship, you will notice some changes at the church. A physical change to remind us that we are being called to change our focus to stay on God.  

You will find that the worship space has been changed for this season of Lent to help us on that journey of faith. For in the season of Lent, we are reminded that we Earthly creatures within the Creation of God and truly there will come a day in which we shall no longer walk this Earth.  So to keep us on that focus, we begin this journey reminded of our Baptism and the mark of Christ that has called us in life and death. We celebrate Ash Wednesday. I pray that you will join us to support one another and strengthen your own faith.

Our journey shall continue each week on Sunday and Wednesday to keep us focused.  For we do this journey as a community with God already walking the journey before us.  Please let me know if there are other ways that we can support you and others within this as we are united in Christ’s name on this journey of life and faith to the promise that comes at the end of our Earthly days.