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How serving others, can help you grow in your faith? 

When we talk about growing in our faith, many of us may think of attending a worship service, going to a Bible Study or some other way of learning from someone who is further on the journey of faith than we are.  This is indeed one way in which we can grow in our faith. However, one of the ways that Jesus taught his disciples was to actually go and have them serve others in their life.  

Yes, there are times when talking about something is not the best way to learn.  When someone taught you how to use a hammer, they did not give you a book on it, they put the hammer in your hand so that you could get a feel of what it was like to hold it, swing it and then allowed you to his a nail a few times.  It is the same way for math, when we learn how the basics work, then we practice by actually doing the work. It is only by learning how to apply this new knowledge does it truly go from head to heart.  

Jesus taught his disciples not just by talking but having his disciples go out into the crowds of people.  Then the disciples would realize the true change in people’s lives that the Good News of God’s Word would do.  By seeing this change and love grow in the world, we begin to see how God’s Word applies in others and our own life.  That when we teach others, we begin to understand the lesson more fully in our own life. Not only that but we begin to see how we can grow even closer to God through understanding God through others.  

So this is a valuable lesson of taking God’s Word from the pages of the Bible into the world that we live.  This means that we need to be able to hear God’s Word and be willing to practice it. That it is not just doing the good work and saying what good we have done.  Now we are able to bear witness to God using us as His Instruments of change in the world.  

Enjoy the lesson and growing closer to God.