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Watching the evening news, driving through traffic, and seeing the constant to do list that needs to get done. We can easily begin to think that everything in the world is on our shoulders. We feel all the negative failures and impacts of others decisions and we wonder where is the good within the world. As we gather for worship, we strive to have people be reminded that God is apart of your life and part of this world.

The Kyrie is the sung prayer that calls us to reflect, know and let go of the troubles of this world and place them into God’s hands. As we go through the petitions of prayer, the same petitions week after week, we go back to the solid reminder that we need to hear that we need God’s peace, we need God’s help and that this entire community of people. We use the same petitions because often times we need that reminder as the world tries to distract us from the important calling of God that brings us what we are truly longing for.

As we gather for worship and experience God within our life. May you be reminded of the ways that God is calling you back and be the light of God’s grace in the world.

~ Pastor Nathan