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Lately, I have been reading in the Old Testament and going to the book of Genesis.  Going back to those Scriptures reminds me of all that God has done in the world. I am reminded that when I see the trees blowing in the gentle breeze, God has done some amazing work around me.  Here, I am getting to see it all. Then I am reminded of what it could be like to be in the Garden of Eden. However, as I also bear witness to the storms that have taken place almost every Sunday, I am reminded that God moves in mighty ways within the world still today.  

On one Sunday, it was on the Day of Pentecost within the church.  We talked about how the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples and it sounded like the rush of a violent wind.  Hearing that wind and those Scriptures echo in my mind, I couldn’t help but stop and wonder, what is God still doing in the world, the community and among the people that I am apart of.  

To be able to see what God is doing among us is not always as clear as seeing the effects of the wind and yet, how similar it is.  We can not see the wind itself but we can see the effects of the wind. We can not see what God is actively doing all the time but we can see the effects of His Work in the world.  I pray that our eyes and our hearts would be able to see the effects of God’s Work in the world. However, I pray even more that we would not simply see the effects but that we would actually BE part of the work that God is doing in the world through us.  

For many of us, including myself, we do not realize when God is using us as an instrument of sharing His Work in the world.  A wise person told me that we may realize God is using us when someone gives us a “thank you” when you were not expecting it.  When you get a thank you and you were not expecting it, you are blessing someone else but doing the blessing without something in return for yourself.  This is but only one way of realizing that God is calling us and using us as His instruments in the world, an effect of the God that we feel and now realize.  

May you realize the presence of God in your daily life.  

Pastor Nathan Strong