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Often times while we are learning to do something, we search for someone to encourage and support us as we are traveling in the journey of life. As we are growing up, our parents teach us the lessons and values that have shaped us into the people that we are today. Parents pass on the faith that has influenced their life to their children as well. As we teach children the lessons, values, and faith that we have, we also learn from them. If you do not learn from your children, then you are not experiencing all the lessons and faith that God has given to you.

Going through life, children observe the actions and the words of their parents that the parents regard as truth within their own life and this shapes their children’s life. The disciples who followed Jesus were very much the same. Jesus would encourage the disciples to learn from the parables and teachings that he delivered as they travelled around, caring for the people and teaching them what it truly meant to gather and serve God within the world. Jesus would often gather the disciples together to teach them the lessons that they needed to hear and learn but often the disciples did not hear the full wisdom of the words. Jesus knew of the hard times that people face within the world and encouraged his disciples to love and care for one another as they went through life.

As we go through life, we travel through this world with Christ in the church. We come together to hear the Words of Jesus Christ as they still speak to us today. The word that is spoken to us through the sermon and Scripture is precisely the message that you need to hear that day. For some, that word becomes a word of something that you need to do. For others, it is something that reminds you of what is important and for others it reminds us that we are still on the journey together with one another. Regardless, the Words brings to us the Law and Gospel that we so desperately need within our life.

Today may you listen for God’s Word in your life. 

~ Pastor Nathan