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Over the past year, we did a lot of talking about vision. We held great conversations that truly got some people remembering the past. I know I learned a lot about the journey God has led you on. Not only that, we learned more about where it is we are currently at and doing as a church. Well talking is one thing but doing something else. Along with that, talking about what God is calling us to be is another. So from those Grace Conversations, I gathered with the leaders and we determined that there were two areas of focus: Community and Communication. These two areas were ones that we valued and wanted to see improve here at Grace.

So we thought, wouldn’t it be great to have people get together for times of fellowship, fun and conversation? What if people got together and were able to share what’s going on in their life and support one another during those difficult times? So we are going to start Sharing God’s Grace. This is an opportunity for us to have people gather together in small group settings and be able to share a meal, read a book, or whatever the group would like to do together. Along with that, each group can decide how frequently they would like to get together. More information on this will be coming soon.

We didn’t stop with Sharing God’s Grace. Many have said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we did God’s Work, Our Hands more often than once a year?” We couldn’t agree more! So we are going to have a: God’s Work, Our Hands Wall. This will have volunteer opportunities for families or Sharing Groups to volunteer with Metrocrest, work together on a task at the church, volunteer at Briarwood Lutheran Bible Camp or other volunteer connection. Some volunteer connections shall be small but others shall be larger and a great opportunity for you to work with another Sharing Group or invite a new person.

Finally, we heard that people would like an alternative worship time and style. So we are going to experiment with what we as a congregation can do and be a part of. We are going to be asking for options that will work for people’s schedules, and also what people would like to be a part of in the way of musicians, vocalists, or even inviting people to all of our worship services.

These are the actions that resulted from our Grace Conversations and we hope that you are able to be a part of these ministries as we hear the calling God has for us as Grace Lutheran Church to serve Carrollton, TX.
~ Pastor Nathan